UAT: Audience Biddermore_vert
InMobi Audience Bidderclose

At InMobi, I performed user-acceptance testing on a native iOS/Android SDK plugin to allow app publishers to monetize more effectively by filling at virtually any price point. I wrote all publisher facing technical documentation and provided iOS and Android sample apps for publisher reference. I learned through trial and error that an SDK integration must not only be functional, but be well documented and intuitive.

QA: OpenRTB Biddermore_vert
OpenRTB Bidder Solutionclose

At InMobi, my team inherited QA tests and production code for a java backend solution implementing OpenRTB 2.5 protocol as another means for publishers to access our advertisement demand. I documented procedures and wrote python test cases to test COPPA, GDPR, and various publisher mappings to onboard publishers onto the platform. I learned a lot about the implementation for demand facing side of advertisement tech, as well as best practices for test driven development.

UAT: Unified SDKmore_vert
InMobi + AerServ Unificationclose

At InMobi, I performed user-acceptance testing on multiple facets of a temporary stop-gap solution to bridge 2 SDKs.

Training: Open Auctionmore_vert
AerServ Open Auction Platformclose

At InMobi, I experimented and performed user-acceptance testing with AerServ's iOS and Android SDKs against our ad serving backend. I was able to understand and then instruct other team members on open auction mechanics through conducting trainings.

Improvement: JIRA Issue Resolutionsmore_vert
Publisher JIRA issue processclose

At InMobi, I introduced a new JIRA workflow to streamline issue resolutions and increase meeting productivity, and implemented it with the blessing of all stakeholders. I replaced ambiguous issue workflow statuses "In Progress" with clear statuses such as 'Waiting for customer', 'Waiting for support' to clearly indicate to all issue stakeholders where the issue was stuck. This helped cut down time spent reading through the issue and cut down meetings times drastically from an hour to 10-20 minutes.